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F1 and its Prohibited Technologies

Formula1 (F1) modern car capable of racing 100 kph from the rest about 1.7 seconds. One exceptional ability that any kind of sports car has not been able to match it.


Apparently, not all the technology on the F1 car is the most sophisticated in the automotive world. Some systems and components of the F1 car just less advanced than ordinary cars on the streets. Why is that?

The answer is regulation. The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) as the “umpire” for the F1 race diligently makes the regulation to limit the speed of the F1 car. In addition to the safety of racer, speed limits are also related to non-technical reasons. Examples of making the race more interesting to watch.

Given the history, FIA regulatory changes are done almost every year. The move was implemented because the technological progress was far more rapid than the restrictions imposed. Here are some innovative technologies ever used by the F1 car but then “forbidden”.

turbine Gas Technology F1

The gas turbine is used as a drive to replace Torak fuel motor. As one of the oldest types of movers, combustion engines have many disadvantages. Especially compared to gas turbines are more recently found. Gas turbines produce higher power with lighter weight. It can be said that gas turbines have the better power-to-weight ratio.

Another plus is the very fast rotation, up to 60,000 rpm. Compare with the modern F1 engine that is “only” capable of turning around 20,000 rpm (and this season is limited by the FIA to a maximum of 15,000 rpm only). Gas turbine classified as minimal vibration because there is no component that moves translation (back and forth) as well as motor fuel.

Generally, the age of gas turbine is longer than motor fuel. The FIA banned the use of this turbine after Team Lotus piloted the T56B which adopted the Pratt & Whitney gas turbine in 1971.

This FIA ban is actually “redundant” because Team Lotus proves that the use of gas turbines as the driving force of this car is actually not suitable for F1. Weaknesses that are felt by others is the gas turbine slow response to changes in gas openings from the foot of racer. As a result difficult to eat chicane and the absence of engine-brake effect is needed F1 car.


Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is a gearbox replacement device that allows the engine to operate on a narrow band-RPM. The effect of maximum torque can be maintained. Williams is the team that first tried to develop this technology since the late 1970s.

It was even tested on a Renault-powered FW-15 in 1993. But the move was finally limited to testing because in late 1993 the FIA banned its use for the race.


The use of the fan (fan) behind the car to generate extra-downforce is also prohibited FIA. This tool was used by the Brabham team and Niki Lauda made him win the Swedish Grand Prix in 1978.

Side skirts

Side skirts or sliding skirts are shaped-like devices – skirts and mounted on the left and right sides of the lower car body. This tool is used to prevent wind flow under the car flowing to the side so that the ground-effect of under the car can be maximized.

In 1980 the FIA banned the side skirts by limiting ground clearance to a minimum of 6 cm. As a result side skirts cannot be used again because the distance between the component with the asphalt cannot be maintained. Moreover, the suspension movement that causes the car body to move up and down.

Nevertheless, F1 engineers did not stop improvising. In 1988, the T88 car from Team Lotus introduced a twin-chassis or dual chassis design. The first chassis has a very hard suspension on the wheels. While the second chassis has a softer suspension of the first chassis.

The first chassis has a very hard suspension of the wheel, so its distance to the asphalt can be maintained. Start strategy by making the first chassis similar to the plate that surrounds the second chassis, then the first chassis can serve as “side skirts” without breaking the minimum 6-cm ground-clearance rule. However, this twin-chassis was finally banned FIA.

Shock absorbers

The active suspension is a “magical device” that helped Williams dominate the 1992 racing season with Nigel Mansell and his FW14B. The active suspension makes the shock absorber capable of adjusting the dampness to suit the road conditions. In effect, all four tires will always have maximum traction despite being on a bumpy track and many slow turns. This device was banned by the FIA in the 1993 season.…

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New BMW 7-Series Feature Very Sophisticated

The new BMW 7 Series is a car with the feature that can run without a driver (autonomous). Similarly, the control of the car multimedia system is only through the movement of the hand. Yes, the latest BMW 7-Series technology is very sophisticated.


A car capable of running without a driver may still be in delusion. Even if there is only limited research. Similarly, the control of the multimedia system of the car through the movement of the hand. But not in the latest BMW 7-Series. A number of future technologies you can now enjoy in a mass production car. The following advanced features owned by the BMW 7 Series.

BMW 7 Series Remote Control Parking

This technology lets you park the latest BMW 7 Series in a narrow space without you having to drive from behind the wheel. Through a key that serves as a remote control, you can push the car back about 5 meters without you driving at all. Just press the button and touch the tiny display on the key, you can turn on the engine, run the car and then turn off the engine from outside the car. The car will brake itself by detecting when there is an object in front or behind it is approaching.

This function is very useful when parking in a narrow place, where the car door cannot be accessed in and out of the driver. You just park the car along the narrow parking lot and then exit the car to drive the car remotely through the key. “The sensors around the car will automatically detect when the car will stop,” said Marcus Behrendt, BMW AG’s Head of User Experience.

Such advances in technology in mass production cars to make BMW socialize first to the regulator in Europe about this device. Understandably, there is no single mass production car that uses this device.

According to Marcus, regulators are very concerned about safety when the car can walk alone without a driver in it. “Create current (August 2015) is the process for licensing in Europe. In the next 1-2 months will come out and can be sold to consumers. BMW will also work with regulators or governments in other countries about permission to use this device, “added Marcus.

Although Remote Control Parking works through radio waves Marcus believes the frequency is safe and will not be affected by other wave signals.


The main light of the BMW 7 Series is now equipped with the most advanced LED technology. They claim the range of rays 2 times farther than conventional lighting technology today. If once only 300 meters, Laser Light can reach up to 600 meters. Do not worry about driving the driver’s glare from the opposite direction because the light will automatically decrease the direction of the light rays when passing by another car at night.

Carbon Core

Although not the first car to wear carbon fiber woven body, Series-7 pioneer marries it with metal. BMW named it Carbon Core for this design in the latest body-7 Series.

There are 14 parts that use this lightweight and strong fiber materials, such as the roof pillar structure, elements in the pillars of B and C and the inner body side skirts. Thanks to Carbon Core, the car’s weight can be reduced to 130 kg compared to the previous version of the 7-Series.

This weight reduction is not only able to reduce fuel consumption but also add to the driving comfort. This is thanks to an evener distribution of weight and lower gravity point.

This exotic material can be repaired in case of collision damage. Suppose that an accident requires repair. “No need to be replaced carbon elements intact. Simply cut the damaged parts and make repairs only in that section. All BMW authorized workshops are able to handle it. So no need to worry, “sure Andreas Holzinger, Project Manager Lightweight and Body BMW 7 Series.

Gesture Control

Forget touching a knob or even a touchscreen monitor to operate the multimedia features of the BMW 7 Series. Now only through hand gestures, you can control without having to touch any device in the car. There are 6 hand movements that have been set BMW. Each movement has its own function to control the multimedia functions on the monitor screen in the center of the dashboard.

For example, the index finger moves towards the monitor for the function of receiving a phone call. Hand gestures such as slaps serve to resist, For example, the index finger moves toward the monitor for the function of receiving a phone call. Hand gestures like slaps serve to resist.

This can be done thanks to sensors that detect hand movements. The position of the hand must be in front of the central dash monitor or area …

Basic Car Auctions

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Car Rebuilding And Title Guidelines For Maryland

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Automotive Leasing For You Or Your Business

Leasing generally is a cheaper means of getting your palms on a model new automotive, so we’ve rounded up some of the best car leasing deals accessible. So test the HotUKDeals automobile lease listings regularly and enquire at your dealership about any promotions. Alternatively, open-end leases place the burden on the leasee (you), with extra costs should the worth of your automobile drop through the lease interval.\n\nLMV’s charges appear very aggressive with regular great offers on chosen vehicles. I’m busy doing my day job and Ben is always there to make sure that getting a automobile doesnt turn out to be any extra hassle than it needs to be. Because the buyer, you’ll be paying the depreciation prices of the automotive, and these vary from mannequin to model.\n\nAs with personal automobile leasing, however, you will be charged for exceeding the agreed mileage on the lease, which is probably not suitable for you, depending on your small business. It was such a easy course of and has resulted within the delivery of a fab new Seat Ateca.\n\nAutomobile producers regularly offer low cost leases to their dealers, however might not inform clients about them. Ben at LVM has provided 3 leased automobiles to my family up to now and the pirces and repair have been second to none. Automotive Lease UK: Trying out the Newest Offers at HotUKDeals.\n\nI hope you are effectively and thanks to your comply with up e-mail. On the finish of each car lease we know that you can be handing back your car and shall be available in the market for a substitute. We have rounded up the perfect automobile leasing deals obtainable at the moment here on this web page.…

Lease A Automotive For Private Or Enterprise Use

Untuk pengalaman yang lebih baik di Fb, perbarui browser Anda. Ben has handled all our fleet vehicles for the last 6 years or so and dealing with him has at all times been a dream. Rent buy with conditional resale – The third form of automobile lease, rent buy involves paying a deposit, then month-to-month funds till you have paid off the worth of the automobile.\n\nThe annual mileage half is vital as a result of the more miles a automotive does, the extra its worth drops – so estimating an annual mileage provides the vendor a sign of how much the automobile will depreciate over the course of the lease. Once again, a hundred% thanks for every little thing and we are able to go through it all once more in 2 years, except you’re area supervisor by then!!!\n\nWhether you might be searching for private or business based mostly automobile leasing agreements; you may take a look at automobile leasing deals obtainable via these suppliers. We’re committed to updating our listing of deals regularly to ensure that our clients have entry to them as quickly as they grow to be out there.\n\nThe Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson are two of the bestselling SUVs , each offering nice practicality and value for money with spectacular refinement and powerful interior comfort that mean. I wish to specific my due to Gary Beedle at your organization. With personal lease vehicles you already know the true prices of proudly owning a automobile upfront and can be safe within the information that you’ll not must endure from the large depreciation that impacts all new cars.\n\nLeasing a car is loads less problem than a PCP deal and, it additionally normally has the added bonus of coming with decrease month-to-month funds. Thanks for every thing, so happy with all your help, you’ve been fantastic help. If the automobile’s value has plummeted, the leasing company will feel the pain, not you.…

The Very Greatest 5 Greatest Inexpensive Vehicles For Youngsters

For practically six many years, at Chacon Autos, individuals in search of inexpensive cars. If their lack of practicality compared to regular vehicles (let alone more and more-well-liked trucks and SUVs) wasn’t enough to keep them off most automobile buyers’ lists, their price tags can usually be so excessive as to discourage on a regular basis folks from taking them home.\n\nRequired equipment: The Driver Assistance Package deal ($1,495), which incorporates adaptive cruise control, entrance and rear park distance control, blind spot monitor with rear cross-visitors alert, lane departure warning and entrance help with autonomous emergency braking.\n\nNo, you don’t get far more than primary transportation with these automobiles, and, yes, you’re going to get ugly hubcaps; however you also get a brand-new car that will not break the piggybank, preserving cash for something else, and nearly definitely good on gasoline (saving once more, yeah!).\n\nTake the Mazda MX-5 Miata, substitute its naturally-aspirated engine for a zippy 1.four-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder making one hundred sixty horsepower (or 164, in the zippier Abarth version), and give it two scoops of Italian aptitude, and you have the Fiat 124 Spider Made by Mazda in Japan for Fiat, the 124 Spider’s remains to be every bit as charismatic and outgoing as you’d anticipate from a sports activities automotive that hails from the same land as Maserati and Alfa Romeo.\n\nWhereas the newest Si isn’t quite out but, it ought to go on sale within the next few months – and we’re expecting it to supply a muscular 4-cylinder engine, probably turbocharged and undoubtedly connected to a slick-shifting 6-pace handbook transmission.…

Getting To Know Your Model Train Set

Building model train sets is a great hobby to get into. It serves as an alternative means to fuel the imagination and spark creativity. As you learn and become more proficient at putting them together, more attention can be spent focusing on the details and world building as you create the scene that your train will travel through. If you are just getting into the hobby of model train sets, then there are a few key components that you should become familiar with.

Engines And Cars

One of the primary components of a train set is the engine and cars themselves. When starting out, you will want to choose a set with cars that you enjoy looking at and working with. The style of your train, whether old time or modern, will set the tone and ambience of your model train environment. Depending on your level of confidence, you may want to start out with only a few cars, then add more cars later.

Tracks And Scenery

The next component of the train set that you’ll want to experiment with is the track. An oval is the most simple shape, to begin with when just starting out. You will want to begin and stick with this shape until you become comfortable and adept at combining the various pieces of a model train set and designing an appealing scene. As your skill and imagination grow, you’ll want to increase the scale of your track system experimenting with new layouts and adding things such as bridges and trestles. Your scene can be brought to life by adding more greenery, buildings, people, and tunnels.

Power To Get Things Moving

To add motion to your train set, you will require power and a command center. If you really plan to put a lot of time and effort into your model train hobby, then you’ll probably want to go with a NCE DCC command station to power and control your train set. DCC uses computer technology in its control functions.

Getting into the world of model trains is a grand journey to embark on. There is lots of fun to have as your creativity is pushed and your knowledge grows.…

Four Steps to Maintaining Work Focus Without Burning Out

Some people handle loads of work better than others, and it’s okay if you’re one of those people that don’t. However, to avoid a burn out before it’s time to retire, there are a few steps you can take to maintain a keen focus and sharp attentiveness to your work.

Tip: Sometimes work fatigue is less about how often you work and more about how you feel about your job. If you find yourself dreading going to work every day, even after implementing these tips, then perhaps it’s time to consider a career change.

Work for Two Hours, Then Take a 10-Minute Break to Walk Around—Repeat for the Duration of Your Workday

The typical workday lasts 8 to 9 hours [unless you work in a sporadic-hour job doing something like hydrostatic testing Texas] with a lunch break in the middle that allows workers to satisfy their growing hunger.

However, the best thing you can do to avoid work burnout is to take a 10-minute walk-around break every 2 hours—when possible. This keeps your mind from becoming too sluggish after staring at the same work for hours on end.

Work from Home? Routines are as Important at Home as They Would Be in an Office

Sure, you can work from home in your pajamas, but you should still establish a routine that pulls you through the important motions of your workday. Otherwise, you might find yourself taking the home portion of your work-from-home job for granted, resulting in zero work getting done and laziness setting in.

Commit to Clear, Concise Goals to Ensure None of Your Workday is Wasted

Your workday should be separated into goals in a schedule that keeps your hours flowing until you can clock out and go home. Keeping yourself busy in between breaks is a good way to ensure your brain remains engaged while you accomplish everything you need to.

In some instances, setting and smashing clear, concise goals might earn you an extra day off because you will have completed ahead of your workload.

Leave Work Where It Should Be—At Work

Work is work. Home is home. And never the two shall meet—even when you work from home. How in the world should that work? Think about work when you’re supposed to and home when you’re there. Be present in the moment for the latter but plan your workloads and consistent breaks for the former.…