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Service Intervals for Your Car

Your car needs maintenance tasks performed at certain intervals. Routine inspection is done to keep your car in top performance. A visit to your local mechanic can help you avoid costly problems down the road. You should service your car on a 15-30-60-90 schedule. Here are the services you will need at those mileage points.

15,000 Mile Service

The first service visit should happen at 15,000 miles. This visit is a routine inspection of your car. Your car will get its first oil and air filter change. The car’s braking and cooling system will be inspected too. The fluids are topped off at this point. The window wiper fluid and components are also checked.

30,000 Mile Service

The 30,000-mile service inspection covers more areas of your car. The oil and filter are changed. The fuel filter system may be inspected too. At this visit, the major systems are checked. All the coolants, air, heating, and hoses are inspected for leaks or damage. Your brakes and suspension systems are examined for excessive wear and tear. Depending on your vehicle, your transmission fluid may need to be changed.

60,000 Mile Service

A closer inspection is conducted at 60,000 miles. All your valves, belts, and hoses will be examined. If they are showing signs of wear, they will be replaced. Your spark plugs will be checked and replaced as well.

90,000 Mile Service

The last major vehicle check is at 90,000 miles. Your car’s major vehicle systems will be inspected. There are some parts that are not even inspected until this mileage point. You can expect the spark plugs and coolant to be replaced at this point.

You need to look for an oil change franchise for your next service visit. These trained mechanics will inspect your car for any problems. If you need service, they can help you get your vehicle back on the road. A quick inspection can save you money down the road with your car.

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Benefits Of Temporary Rumble Strips

One subject that probably almost nobody on planet Earth ever thinks about is the subject of rumble strips. Specifically, temporary rumble strips. Here are some of the benefits that temporary ones can have over permanent ones.

1. For one thing, obviously, temporary rumble strips are just that, temporary. They can be removed when the job is done while the permanent ones are there more or less forever. Or at least until the road is torn up. Permanent rumble strips act by being placed underneath the pavement where the “rumble” then protrudes up from the road where they can do their work. Temporary strips, however, are laid on top of the pavement or affixed to it by an adhesive so that they cannot be moved by traffic.

2. One reason why temporary strips are so desired is that they have the benefit of alerting drivers to either upcoming work zones or to changes in familiar traffic settings. For instance, if there is a detour and the driver needs to be aware of it because it happens to be a new situation on that particular stretch of road.

3. Temporary rumble strips are not quite as loud as permanent rumble strips but in their defense, they are not really supposed to be. Permanent ones act as a sort of “alarm clock” for weary drivers or driver who may be inattentive due to other reasons and has subsequently crossed the center line. Temporary ones, as mentioned previously, are just meant to alert the driver to a change in a familiar setting.

As you can see, depending on why they are needed, temporary strips may have a major advantage over permanent ones. It all really depends on their intended use and the location they are being used in. Regardless, pay attention to the road ahead of you and safe driving!…

4 Tips When Relocating to Another Office

Maybe you’re expanding your business to another branch. Maybe you’re just relocating to a better or more centrally-located building. Moving can be an exciting process, but before you start packing up all of your printers, here are just four tips to keep things organized.

1. Plan Everything in Advance

Give yourself plenty of time once you’ve decided to move to a new office. Don’t just throw staplers into boxes over the weekend. Think about all of the packing and truck-loading that you’ll need to do; think about researching different movers to find the most reputable ones in your area. Think about arranging for lights and sewage services at your new place.

2. Mind Your Machines

This is particularly important if you’re packing up a warehouse. You don’t want any of your expensive, high-quality machines to get damaged by movers who don’t know how to handle them, so look for specialty crews that are already familiar with industrial equipment. For example, you might seek machinery moving services in Los Angeles.

3. Remodel Before You Go

Don’t leave the wall-painting and carpet-laying until you’ve already moved into your new place. Get it done before you and all of your employees will be underfoot. Not only will this make it easier to remodel, but it will also prevent you from having to change your business hours or turn away clients because your new place isn’t ready yet.

4. Have a Vision

Last but certainly not least, think about how you’d like your new offices to look. Don’t be afraid to pull out a sketchpad. You don’t have to be an artist to draw squares and circles where you’d like your future furniture to go, and planning this in advance can save you a lot of time when you’re actually ready to move.

These are just a few tips for getting out of your current office and into a new one. Whether you’re hopping across the pond or simply driving to a new neighborhood, you’ll need to be careful about the moving decisions that you make. You’ll want everything to go smoothly as you relocate!…

Expand the Services You Offer With an Aquatic Launch and Land Dredging Vessel

Versatility in reaching areas of debris and soil build-up is needed to offer real solutions that last. A dredging vessel that can be easily launched is one way to expand the existing services you offer to property owners.

Create Safer and Cleaner Waterways

Many property owners are in the middle of a battle with flooding caused by waterways that have become clogged by debris. Flooding can cause extensive soil erosion or damage to buildings and equipment, foundation problems in homes, and more. It can open a whole avenue of generating revenue for your business.

Remove Soil and Debris Build-Up

Dredging is a necessary process for bodies of water and waterways that are being filled with eroded soil or debris. All of this material has to be removed by raking, suction, or other dredging processes. You can find a Watermaster dredger for sale that is capable of handling tasks in up to 19-foot depth waters.

Easy One-Man Safe Operation

You do not need to have extra equipment and manpower to use this type of dredging equipment. It is simple for one person to launch off a trailer and it self-propels at roughly 4 mph. It’s simple to anchor securely to allow a safe working platform.

Versatile Dredging In the Water and On Land

You can station a small vessel dredging machine both in the water or on land near the water for effective use. It can glide safely into position in the water or crawl over land for the right positioning. It’s a durable piece of equipment that will work hard to get the job done.

Dredging duties in shallow water are a critical part of keeping smaller waterways clean and free-flowing. You can easily add this equipment to your arsenal for complete outdoor property services.…

3 Tips for Hiring a Mechanic

If you’re in the market for a mechanic, you might be a little overwhelmed by all of the different options out there. How are you supposed to know which ones are truly worth your time and money? Here are just a few tips for finding, selecting and hiring a mechanic.

1. Know What You Need

Many mechanics consider themselves jack-of-all-trades types that can fix anything. If you have a more specialized problem, however, you might need to seek out a more specialized mechanic. For example, if you’ve been having engine trouble, don’t go to a cosmetic body shop with services that center around painting and waxing. Look for people who have the skills needed for your particular problem.

2. Check Their Qualifications

Anyone can hang up a shingle and declare themselves open for business. You’ll need to do a little research to determine which mechanics are actually legitimate automotive professionals. Here are some questions that you might ask:

– How long have they been in business?
– Have they been certified or recognized by any industry organizations like the Automotive Service Association (ASA) or the Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association (AMRA)?
– Have they been featured in any car magazines or vetted by any auto blogs?

3. Ask About Pricing

This is often the elephant in the room when it comes to auto services, but it’s better if you face the animal’s trunk right away. How much are their services going to cost you? Do they charge by the hour or by the job? Do they accept multiple payment methods? Don’t be afraid to ask these questions directly. You should know exactly what will happen with your bill before you sign on the dotted line.

These are just a few things to consider as you seek out a mechanic. Whether you’re looking for a full, extensive tune-up or a simple oil change service Brevard NC, it’s important to choose a mechanic that you trust for the job. Your car is your baby, so choose your auto professional with just as much care as you would a real babysitter!…

How to Buy a Car-Related Franchise

Three Ways You Can Buy a Franchise in the Area of Automobiles When people think of franchises, they often think of fast food restaurants. Of course, there are many other types of franchises to consider that are often overlooked. Perhaps the most overlooked, and yet very important, is those related to automotive services and products. The following are three ways you can buy into a franchise related to cars. Auto parts This market is huge. Every car on the road needs parts for repairs as well as products to maintain them such as air filters, brake pads, spark plugs as many other parts. There are auto parts manufacturing companies that exist solely for this market. There are also franchise auto parts stores that you can buy that already have a large, ready made market. This is not only for the auto parts, but it is also for the franchise name. The chances are that you already know one or more of the franchise names that exist. After market car service Although newer cars are often serviced by dealerships, most cars on the road are no longer covered under any type of manufacturer’s warranty. Not only that, but when you go to have your car serviced for basic maintenance, it is usually cheaper to take it to a non-dealer. Dealerships are notorious for being expensive. There are many franchise locations that offer services such as brakes, tune ups, mufflers and tires. The demand for this type of auto servicing will be around as long as there are cars. Oil changes If there is a single stand out franchise for this area of business, it is the business that caters solely to oil changes. Often a car owner can be in and out in less than 10 minutes. The oil is changed. The oil filter is changed, and various fluid levers are checked. It is a great deal for the consumer, and this is why an oil change franchise is such a successful way to capitalize on the demand for auto services. These are three of the most popular types of franchises to consider, but it is in the area of automotive services and parts that you should give your attention.…

Signs Your Car Needs a Mechanic

A car is an important investment. It must be dependable so that you can go to work, the grocery store, doctors appointments, and more. There is nothing more frustrating than getting in your car to go somewhere, and it does not start. This is exactly why you should have regular maintenance done, and pay attention if your car acts differently.

Have You Noticed an Unusual Noise?

If your vehicle begins making a noise that you did not hear previously, you should have it checked. Is there a whining noise coming from under the hood? This could indicate a loose belt. Letting this go could cause your car to overheat or experience other problems. Does the engine sound louder than normal? Although this is generally due to a crack in the exhaust, it is advisable to have it checked, because your exhaust pipe could come off while you are driving.

Other noises could be a sign of bigger problems. Listen to your car’s engine. Does it sound smooth or rough? If it has an uneven sound, the problem may be minor. For example, maybe you need new spark plugs. However, it could be a major problem. If you do not have it checked quickly, you run the risk of the engine going out, and this is an expensive repair. When you experience problems and wonder who is a good mechanic in portland, an option is Comfort Auto & Body Repair.

Safety Issues

Keeping your car in good shape is not only for dependability sake, but your safety and the safety of others is another consideration. If you hear noises when you step on the brake, such as squealing, the discs or pads could be worn. This could affect how quickly you can stop and increase the risk of being in an accident.

On average most people drive approximately 15,000 miles per year. Some may drive even more if they have a longer commute to work or other responsibilities that require travel. This can cause a lot of wear and tear on vehicles and parts. This is why it is so important to keep a regular maintenance schedule.…