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Understanding the Importance of Finding an Independent Auto Specialist

Today’s autos are complex and sophisticated machinery. It costs one billion dollars every time the auto manufacturers decide to engineer a new model. Because of the myriad of parts and distinctive problems your late model vehicle may face, it is paramount that you find a reputable pro in your area.

The dealers and general maintenance shops don’t really fix cars these days. They are more interested in doing oil changes and brake jobs. That is their bread and butter. Inspections pay the bills. Maybe they will sell some tires and do some related repairs in relation to this.

Even the big service chains lack the specialty skills needed to repair cutting edge imports like Mercedes, Land Rover, and BMW. The technology in these vehicles makes it impossible for ordinary mechanics (who lack special training and equipment) to even touch them without causing additional problems. For example, there may be a special tool required for something as straightforward as a brake job in a VW. If they use general service tools, this will damage the caliper piston. If you speak with a real German car specialist, they will tell you horror stories of customers with hidden damage to their vehicles from such faulty repairs.

Something as simple as failing to torque the axle bearings to the factory specifications can both mess up your alignment and lead to premature bearing failure. Most of these general maintenance shops use impact tools on everything. They tighten your lug nuts so tightly that it warps the brake rotors. When you start experiencing noise and pulsing a few months later, they will be happy to sell you new rotors. The average consumer does not know the difference between quality labor, and the general labor that seems to get their car back on the road.

A real German specialist who does auto repair Tacoma WA is thinking of your auto as a long-term investment, as their own car. They want to see it last, because they know you have enough problems and do not want to burden their conscience with selling you short. There are many factory specifications that have to be followed when repairing imports. If they are not followed to the letter, your car’s performance, handling, and long-term value suffer. There are certain bolts that have to be replaced with a repair. Many shops have no idea, because they do not have the factory manuals nor the experience in doing factory perfect repairs.

A quality shop will provide you with a limited lifetime warranty on their work, because they themselves feel angry about letting any botched repair walk out the door. They have a reputation to uphold and a certain pride in their work that the nine to five guys down at the chain stores don’t have. Few of these general maintenance shops have the patience to wait for import parts to arrive. The dealerships have so much overhead that they cannot give you the quality you deserve. These are just a few good reasons to only trust your import with an independent auto specialist.

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Why Undercoat Your Truck?

If you’re considering getting undercoating for your vehicle, it is important that you choose the best undercoating for trucks as they tend to be the vehicles that take the most wear and tear from use. Buying a truck for yourself or your business is a big decision as well as an investment. You want to make sure that you protect your investment as much as possible to make sure that you get the most use out of it over the years. One of the biggest problems for trucks is rust damage and rustproofing your vehicle can prevent this from happening and slow down the process. Even the best drivers on the road usually encounter some kind of unavoidable conditions that could damage their truck. Although it may just seem like a chip in the paint, rust could soon follow.

Undercoating adds another layer of protection for your truck on the undercarriage. Most of the undercarriage of the car is covered with the undercoat including the pans, wheel wells, suspension, mufflers, exhaust pipes, frame, gas tank, and floorboards. The substance used in the process of undercoating can include ceramic, silicone, petroleum, fiberglass, rubber, or asphalt. While there may be differences in the heat resistance each of these ingredients has to offer, they all work equally as when it comes to protecting your truck against corrosion and rust.

Undercoating your vehicle is important to all drivers no matter if it is a truck or not. Rust is damaging to everything. If you live in a place where the weather conditions could impact your vehicle, it is especially important to consider undercoating your truck. While paint is supposed to protect your truck, even the smallest dent or scratch could lead to big rust problems over time. This is the same for the undercarriage of your truck. In addition, the bottom of your vehicle has much more exposure to the elements of driving than the rest of the car.

One of the other benefits of undercoating is it offers great insulation from the sounds of the road. This is a benefit that almost everyone would enjoy. While there are some downsides to undercoating, the benefits usually outweigh them. It can be rather expensive, it can possibly add years of life to your truck.

There are different methods to apply undercoating to a vehicle. One of the newest ways involves an electronic method that is said to be able to stop rust from corroding vehicles. This is done by running a weak electronic current through the vehicle. There are a lot of mixed reviews for this and most people seem to still prefer the standard undercoating method. This method can involve drip oil spray or dripless oil spray. Drip oil spray continues to drip once it has been applied until it is completely dry. This can take up to 48 hours. The dripless oil spray has more of a waxy consistency and hardens once it dries without dripping but sometimes is not able to get into every nook and cranny.

It’s best to get a qualified person to apply your undercoating. No matter the quality of the material, a poor job could lessen its effectiveness. In some cases it could damage your truck.

How to Get Rid of a Junk Car: The Easy Way

Deciding to part ways with a vehicle leaves the task of determining how you’ll get rid of the vehicle. It is easy to sell a car that is in good condition, with a multitude of available platforms to advertise the availability. Selling the vehicle becomes troublesome, however, when it isn’t in the best condition or if it doesn’t operate whatsoever. Long ago, calling a tow truck was one of the only ways to get rid of such a vehicle. Today, however, there are many ways to easily get rid of a damaged car without enduring expense and burden. If you’re ready to sell a vehicle the easy way, there is a piece of information that is important for you to learn.

The Fast Way to Sell a Car

The best option to get that car off your property is through a cash for junk cars dealer. These companies have been around for a few years now and offer a service that pays working and non-working cars alike. These companies buy cars for cash Chicago IL, even when they do not operate or if there isn’t a clear vehicle title. The amount of money that you’ll earn for the vehicle depends upon many favors, like the model and year of the vehicle, its condition, and the cash for junk cars dealer that you choose to conduct business with. Rather than pay a tow truck company to remove the vehicle from the property, why not sell it for cash instead?

How to Sell Your Vehicle

Selling your working or non-working vehicle to a junk car dealer is simple. Anyone can sell their vehicle to one of the companies and it is an easy process that takes only a couple of hours of time. Once you make the call, someone will come out and inspect the vehicle. They’ll provide a quote announcing their offer for the vehicle once the inspection is complete. You’re free to accept or decline the offer without any future obligation. If you accept the offer, you’ll sing some paperwork, sign over the title if it is available, get the cash for the vehicle, and be on your way. It is truly the easiest way to get a vehicle off of your property, regardless of its condition.

Why use Cash for Cars Dealers? 

Many people choose to sell their vehicle through a cash for cars provider every single day. They know this decision is met with a plethora of advantages. Of course, the biggest advantage is that you aren’t paying someone to come and remove the vehicle, but instead get cash for the property instead. Use the funds for any purpose or save your money for a rainy day. If the vehicle is inoperable, it is simply taking up space on your property. Once it is sold, it is immediately removed, and you regain that lost space. Plus, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property once again after the vehicle is gone.

Fast and Easy Vehicle Registration

Is it time to renew your California registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)? If you need to renew your registration and you are not required to pass the smog or vehicle emissions test, you can renew your registration fast and easy without driving to the DMV and without waiting in lines. You can register your vehicle online quickly and without any hassles.

When it is time to renew, you can process your renewal from any location where you have Internet access. With the online option, you can register any motor vehicle, and the system will indicate applicable fees for the type of vehicle you are registering. You pay through a secure checkout process using a major credit card. If you are short on cash, you have the option of paying your registration fees using a convenient payment plan of a 3, 6, or 12-month easy payment plan that fits your budget.

Assessment of Additional Fees May Be Required

There are additional fees required for special circumstances. For example, some local California counties or districts assess other fees, and if you have a specialized vanity plate, your licensing renewal will include an additional cost for Specialty Equipment. There is also an additional fee of .65% based on the value of the vehicle, and there could be an additional delinquency fee if you have unpaid tickets or you are required to pay a late renewal fee.

Smog Testing and Emission Control Certification

All vehicles registered in the state of California must pass a biennial emissions and smog test. Required every two years, a note on your renewal notice will indicate if your vehicle must undergo testing. All motor vehicles driving the roads in California must have a biennial test except hybrids, trailers, electric cars or trucks, and motorcycles and there are certain other types of vehicles exempt from testing.

Any vehicle manufactured prior to 1975 is exempt, and any diesel-powered vehicles made before 1997 are also exempt from the mandatory smog and emissions test. If you have a vehicle, less than six years old and you have already paid the required $20 abatement fee or if you drive a motor vehicle powered by natural gas and the vehicle weighs more than 14,000 pounds, your vehicle is exempt.

If you want additional information about the California smog certification program, please go here. This page provides additional information about specific counties that require inspection with registration renewal. If you want to check by zip code, please visit here. You can enter your five-digit California zip code and obtain additional information about smog certification for your specific community.

If Your Vehicle Fails the Inspection

If your vehicle does not pass the emissions test, you will not be able to register your vehicle, and it will be illegal to drive. The DMV in California does not provide technical support should your vehicle not pass the smog and emissions test; however, you will receive a printout outlining what repairs are required. You can then take that report to a vehicle repair shop for service. Once repairs are completed, you can retake the test.

Looking to buy a truck? Therefore, you should purchase a used truck

Buying a truck is a delicate balancing act, especially if you are relatively new in the trucking world. There is a lot to weigh, consider, reconsider, research, verify and all the necessary background checks. Eventually, the cardinal question is always whether to buy a new or a pre-owned truck. You will most likely call your ‘buddy’ in Kansas City, who has been driving monster, trucks (those with 450 horsepower) in and around Missouri, to weigh in on your dilemma. Your buddy will feel very privileged that you consider him a truck expert. He will admit that a new truck has its perks. He will also tell you that a solid used Freightliner trucks Kansas City MO will give you more than you bargained for. Here are some of the benefits your buddy will highlight to help you shape your opinion.

This is the primary advantage of purchasing a previously enjoyed truck. With the current economy, everybody is out there to save a dime or two, and truck buyers are no exception. A new truck will have you digging deeper into your pockets than you would wish. Although you will enjoy the perks that come with a new truck like new technology and less maintenance stress, the price tagged to it might be more than you can chew.
A new truck will have you part with $ 100,000, a significant rise in price from $75,000 some years ago. A used truck with the same qualities will cost around $40,000. Surely you would put the extra sixty thousand to much better use like maybe expanding your business or even purchasing two of them. Truck manufacturers say inflation of the cost of building materials and unfavorable government policies have made the price for new trucks shoot.


At any given time, there are most likely more used trucks in the market than new ones. The market has more demand for used trucks because of their value. Apart from multi-million international organizations that may have the cash to buy new trucks most other people in the market will opt for used trucks simply because they can afford it and have a return on their investments.

Reduction in Value
Just like anything new will depreciate as soon as it is use, the same applies to a new truck. However, when you purchase a used truck, the depreciation rate is very low. You will not even notice the depreciation, because the truck is already accustomed to its work and therefore more conditioned. Further, a used truck will maintain its value while a new truck will have to depreciate in a year or so before it is accustomed to its work. In short, a used truck is tested, and its output proved. Your investment in a used truck will have better returns in the long term.

As a matter of fact, a used truck will sustain its value much longer than a new truck will. This makes it very favorable when maybe you decide to resale. You will not make as much loss when reselling a used truck.

Cost of operation
Operating a used truck will be much cheaper compared to that of a new truck. For starters, the insurance rate of a new truck will be so much higher than that of a used one. Because a used truck has much more worth, it will attract higher premiums.
Furthermore, registration and sales tax of a new truck will be much higher. Although the tax varies in different states, you will find out that more states impose a sales tax on new vehicles and exempt pre-owned vehicles.

In Conclusion
Buying a used truck will be more beneficial in the long term if you purchase one in great condition. With all the benefits outlined in this post, next time you are out there seeking to make a purchase, weigh the benefits and make an informed pick.