Benefits Of Temporary Rumble Strips

One subject that probably almost nobody on planet Earth ever thinks about is the subject of rumble strips. Specifically, temporary rumble strips. Here are some of the benefits that temporary ones can have over permanent ones.

1. For one thing, obviously, temporary rumble strips are just that, temporary. They can be removed when the job is done while the permanent ones are there more or less forever. Or at least until the road is torn up. Permanent rumble strips act by being placed underneath the pavement where the “rumble” then protrudes up from the road where they can do their work. Temporary strips, however, are laid on top of the pavement or affixed to it by an adhesive so that they cannot be moved by traffic.

2. One reason why temporary strips are so desired is that they have the benefit of alerting drivers to either upcoming work zones or to changes in familiar traffic settings. For instance, if there is a detour and the driver needs to be aware of it because it happens to be a new situation on that particular stretch of road.

3. Temporary rumble strips are not quite as loud as permanent rumble strips but in their defense, they are not really supposed to be. Permanent ones act as a sort of “alarm clock” for weary drivers or driver who may be inattentive due to other reasons and has subsequently crossed the center line. Temporary ones, as mentioned previously, are just meant to alert the driver to a change in a familiar setting.

As you can see, depending on why they are needed, temporary strips may have a major advantage over permanent ones. It all really depends on their intended use and the location they are being used in. Regardless, pay attention to the road ahead of you and safe driving!