Choosing Your Own Freightliner for Your New Small Business – Trucking

What could be more American than apple pie? Is there anything more patriotic than baseball or fireworks on the fourth of July? Of course there is – the entrepreneurial spirit. The United States was built upon the will to live in liberty and freedom. And the independence that characterizes the American spirit has no better venue for expression than that of business. Americans are born and raised cherishing independence, so it is no surprise that the United States is such a haven for fostering small businesses, some of which have become big businesses in mere decades. Between 1996 and 2004, there were 550,000 small businesses that were created every month in the United States of America alone. Many industries can benefit, in profit and diversification, from this entrepreneurial spirit. And the world of trucking is no exception.

Those who work in the trucking industry are well aware that it is a privilege to gain employment in trucking, but even more of an incredible opportunity to earn the experience necessary to start his or her own trucking company. The ability to run his own trucking company is what every truck driver dreams of, and rightly so since the job involves hard work, as well as a storehouse full of knowledge about the freightliner itself. The average trucker must acquire an abundance of knowledge about truck mechanics and the inner-workings of the truck as a machine, simply in order to maintain his job as a truck driver. And the United States of America is the global hub of entrepreneurs, fostering small business like few other nations in the world. So, why then is the trucking industry not chock full of small trucking businesses, run independently by seasoned truck drivers? Well, the investment of course.

The primary obstacle most business owners face in getting a trucking company off the ground is not funding, support, lack of know-how, or insufficient demand for trucking services. Talk with any truck driver about why he has worked thirty years for the same company for incredible pay, but albeit less than half of the profit he could see as a trucking business owner and they will all say the same thing – you need your own trucks. Freightliner trucks are an enormous investment, and one necessitating trusting relationship with automobile dealers. The vehicles can see thousands and thousands of miles through astounding weather conditions. Predicting the life experience that just one freightliner truck has seen through countless trips across the United States is difficult, if not sometimes impossible. When purchasing used freightliner trucks Phoenix AZ, the buyer needs to work with a truly seasoned truck dealer, who knows his product like the back of his hand.

The dealer should be able to inform the business owner about the engine, horsepower, transmission speed, and mileage of each freightliner for sale. Luckily, the trucking industry is seeing an increase in used trucks for sale by automobile dealers who want to help small business owners succeed by vending quality used freightliners.