Dealerships Upping Their Game in Service Market Come Out on Top

When it comes to auto repair the choice of service is a split decision. Many abdicate for the dealership, and many sites the independent garage as the place to go. The argument of which is best covers a wide range of topics, foremost among them quality and price. Although it is true that dealerships cost a little bit more than the average cousin Fred auto shop around the corner, what they lack in price comparison they make up in quality. Recent circumstances have driven dealerships to expand their marketing to other services, chief among them auto repair. Such marketing is in the form of competitive pricing, warranties, and certified technicians. The choice is becoming a lot easier, and here are a few reasons why.

Newer Cars Are Made Better

Dealerships have always offered warranties on new cars sold. It is part of the deal consumers are enticed with when interested in purchasing an automobile. Once upon a time those warranties accounted for 70% of the auto-repair service dealerships performed. Newer models are of a better quality, lasting longer with fewer overall problems. Although this is great for the consumer, it has dropped dealership auto-service down to 20%. This has forced dealerships to increase the quality of their service, as well as offer competitive pricing to challenge independents. The need for dealership service departments to pick up profit is also influenced by how well new cars were selling.

Sales Are Down

Two years ago the sale of newer automobiles was at a historic low. Due to the economy and a wide range of other factors, cars were just not selling. The change in the market forced dealerships to focus on their service departments, covering the lack of sales with the increase of profits in other areas. To compete with independent mechanics who always held the lower price, dealerships had to get competitive. Rates decreased, quality of service increased, and better warranties were offered. Those changes are still in effect today, making dealerships a more affordable choice. Nothing of quality.

Quality of Service

Dealerships have always had better service for several reasons. Auto technicians working at dealerships must be fully certified and undergo rigorous training. Dealerships also deal in original parts and possess more proprietary information than independents do. This makes them the best qualified and equipped to service specific makes and models. Specific being the key word. Kia dealerships are adept at Kias, Fords are best serviced at Ford dealerships, if you want Nissan repair Chicago il. go to Nissan.

Flat Rate

Dealerships also deal in a flat rate. This means that if a job is scheduled for two hours, the consumer pays for two hours no more or less. If it takes less they still pay the two hours, but if the job goes longer they only pay for two hours. This protects consumers and allows rewards for proficient technicians.