Driving Do’s and Don’ts

Did you know that half of car accidents happen within 5 miles of a person’s home? It’s not only highway travel and long road trips that require the driver’s attention to safety. Even while driving around town and on backroads, drivers should make sure they always follow these rules:

Don’t Text and Drive

Imagine running down a football field with a blindfold on. When you text and drive on a highway, going 55 miles per hour, you travel the distance of an entire football field without watching the road, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It’s like driving blindfold for the five seconds you are distracted reading or responding to a text. That can lead to expensive collision repair Lakewood CO.

Don’t Eat and Drive

Eating and driving isn’t any better. If you get bumped or gasp in fear, you can choke. No passengers should be eating in a car while it is moving. Drivers can also cause an accident themselves if they choke while operating a truck or motor vehicle.

Do Use a Hands-Free Phone

Talking in general is a distraction. However, if you have to be on the phone while traveling in the car, a hands-free phone system through the car console is safer than holding the phone. Two earbuds should never be used because you won’t be able to hear the surrounding sounds outside the car. Keep in mind that field of vision decreases when you are on a phone call, according to the National Safety Council.

Do Take Defensive Driving

Taking a defensive driving course online can refresh your memory on the rules of the road as well as lower your car insurance. Your employer may even offer a discount on a defensive driving program.

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities people do every day. Buckle up, practice good driving, and have a safer trip.