Getting To Know Your Model Train Set

Building model train sets is a great hobby to get into. It serves as an alternative means to fuel the imagination and spark creativity. As you learn and become more proficient at putting them together, more attention can be spent focusing on the details and world building as you create the scene that your train will travel through. If you are just getting into the hobby of model train sets, then there are a few key components that you should become familiar with.

Engines And Cars

One of the primary components of a train set is the engine and cars themselves. When starting out, you will want to choose a set with cars that you enjoy looking at and working with. The style of your train, whether old time or modern, will set the tone and ambience of your model train environment. Depending on your level of confidence, you may want to start out with only a few cars, then add more cars later.

Tracks And Scenery

The next component of the train set that you’ll want to experiment with is the track. An oval is the most simple shape, to begin with when just starting out. You will want to begin and stick with this shape until you become comfortable and adept at combining the various pieces of a model train set and designing an appealing scene. As your skill and imagination grow, you’ll want to increase the scale of your track system experimenting with new layouts and adding things such as bridges and trestles. Your scene can be brought to life by adding more greenery, buildings, people, and tunnels.

Power To Get Things Moving

To add motion to your train set, you will require power and a command center. If you really plan to put a lot of time and effort into your model train hobby, then you’ll probably want to go with a NCE DCC command station to power and control your train set. DCC uses computer technology in its control functions.

Getting into the world of model trains is a grand journey to embark on. There is lots of fun to have as your creativity is pushed and your knowledge grows.