How to Acquire a Used Freightliner Truck the Right Way

Purchasing a commercial truck like a Freightliner can be a complex process. If you know what you are doing though, you can walk away with a great deal. Commercial trucks are not typically found at used dealerships. This means when shopping for one you have to be inventive. Commercial trucks are also not used for leisure. So if you are going to buy a used one you have to be sure it is a hard-worker. Most likely, your business and future will be wrapped up in it.

Choose The Truck

The first step to finding the right commercial truck is actually finding the right commercial truck for you. Trucks come in a bevy of shapes and sizes. Depending on the use you have in mind you may require a certain type of truck. So be sure to do some research the exact truck you need.

Find The Truck

Reliable trucks can be found online, in auto magazines, and from independent sellers. All of them can offer great trucks for very reasonable prices. Sites like eBay provide seller ratings which provides a little security. Start local and then branch out. Independent sellers are great to deal with as all types of payment arrangements can be worked out. Most independent sellers were truckers in their own right, so the chances of the truck being in good condition are higher. Checking what is available is as simple as conducting a local internet search. If you have a type of truck in mind, which you should at this point, enter that in as well. Used Freightliner trucks Phoenix AZ., is an example of a target specific search that will provide great results.

Vet The Truck

Once you have pinpointed a truck and set up a meeting with the buyer it is time to inspect the truck itself. You want to look for any warning signs that may show negative wear on the truck. The truck will be useless if it has problems right out of the gate. Look for rust, bad engine sounds, and ensure that the current owner has up to date records. If you are purchasing through a web site and you cannot view it yourself, then illicit the help of a professional auto mechanic.


The great thing about buying from a private seller is the ability to haggle a little bit. This is not something you can really do when buying from a site. Private owners can set whatever price they want, and they can also move on that price. If you negotiate it can sweeten the deal. Private sellers can also set up payment arrangements. This is good if you do not have all the money up front. In any case, negotiating with the seller will give you a good idea of what they are like. This is another part of the vetting process. If you do not feel right about the seller back out. You want to be 100% sure of everything before you take possession.