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Auctions are held each Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting 1800 hours immediate. If in case you have any additional questions, would like to enquire a couple of a specific lot, sale or probably an on-website auction at your own premises, then please do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our certified friendly members of employees.\n\nThis included the acquisition of the car auctions division of British conglomerate Hawley Goodall, owned by Michael Ashcroft This proved to be the start of a lifelong friendship between Wickins and Ashcroft, and through his Bermuda and Belize based holdings in varied banks, Ashcroft would finance quite a few Wickins later enterprise ventures.\n\nBurnley Auctioneers have been working alongside major leading companies, councils and organisations throughout the North of England helping them with a professional and accomplished technique of disposal, and acquisition of every kind of equipment, plant and motorised vehicles for over forty years.\n\nWith auctions taking place around the country every week, together with specialist events like basic automobile auctions, and even ex-police auctions to attend, there are definitely bargains available at wholesale prices for buyer who know what they’re doing.\n\nPromoting a automotive at auction may be the purest expression of free market economics within the automotive world: people bid in opposition to each other to your car till it reaches the very best value the market can stand, leaving you sure that it is achieved the true market worth.