Making the Switch to an Electric Car

We have to do something to counteract the abuse that this environment has taken over the years. An electric car is a great way to help stop emitting carbon dioxide into the environment. When everyone owns at least one electric car, the help towards the environment can begin and do good exponentially. Here are some important things to think about from charging to the electric lifestyle when owning an electric car.

Envision a mindset. We generally go from work to home or from home to school. Yes, people have other activities also, but some people do the same thing day in and day out. If you make a conscious effort to charge an electric charge on a calendar system that will guarantee you do not run out of charge, you are golden. Plugging your electric car in at night, just like plugging in the cellphone helps keep the car charged. If you make a mistake every once and forget to charge or think ahead and know you can use Uber for emergencies, then your covered. If you rent a car for long distance trips, owning an electric car is simple.

You can slow charge at home on a regular plug that you plug a lamp into. Using this type of charge will a long time. It is good to at least have a plug system like the one a washer and dryer uses. This is a 7Kw charger that gives you a charge per hour of 30 miles. This means that for every one hour of charge you get about 30 miles of driving. In public space, there are usually fast chargers that are powerful. These chargers can give you a charge in one hour to allow you to go 80 miles. This is usually near the max of what you can drive on one charge.

Tesla is the ultimate in electric charging and electric cars. Tesla cars are expensive, but they solve the main complaint from electric car owners, distance. Teslas can drive about 200 miles on one charge. Tesla EVSE can be bought to charge Tesla’s in the garage. Tesla’s charger also can be bought to charge other electric cars. Overall, the Tesla charger is the most economically home charger on the market.

An electric car may take a bit of a lifestyle change on the owner’s part, but it is fun. You can actually save money and time overall with an electric car. It takes a little bit of planning and thinking wisely about the way you use your time. This is a good thing. The fact that there is nothing coming out of a tailpipe in your care is a big bonus. You know you are doing your part to help the environment.

Do not be afraid to walk with the conscience people by owning an electric car. Only some people need to live overwhelmed lives. The rest of the world holds them up. Why not save money, feel good, and drive an awesome electric car?