Mistakes to Avoid While You Wait for a Tow Truck

Whether you get in an accident or your vehicle breaks down, you need a tow truck to pull your damaged car off the road. However, as stressful as the mishap can be, a car owner may need to stay safe until a tow truck arrives at the scene. Below are five common mistakes that drivers often make as they wait for roadside assistance.

Exit the Vehicle

Drivers should stay inside their vehicle until tow truck services Gilbert AZ arrives at the scene and instruct anyone who approaches the car to keep off. You can only exit your vehicle if you suspect a potential danger such as fire. In such a case, drivers are allowed to leave the car, but they should stay around while they wait for roadside assistance.

Neglecting Personal Belongings in the Car

Never neglect your items in the vehicle when you face a mishap on the road. You can evacuate things such as vehicle insurance, your cell phone, and wallet while you wait for a tow truck. The chances are that the tow truck will pull your vehicle to the workshop for repair, and you don’t want to expose your personal information to anyone. You will also need your cell phone and wallet to transact even after your car has broken down.

Failure to Alert Other Drivers

It’s wise to signal to other drivers once your car breaks down or gets involved in an accident. You can turn on hazards lights so that other drivers can see you have stopped, especially in bad weather or at night. Moreover, it’s wise to put reflective cones a few meters behind your car so that other drivers can see you are experiencing a mechanical problem to avoid collisions.

Call a Random Towing Company

Never call any towing service just because you are involved in an accident; instead, take time to contact a reputable and trustworthy service. Call a company that you have been recommended by a reliable source to avoid falling victim to poor towing services. Hiring a random towing company can cause delays or results in the inappropriate handling of your car.

Leave the Scene

Drivers must remain at the scene of the accident even if it takes a few hours for the police or other authorities to arrive. The parties involved should exchange their insurance information and phone numbers and record all details of the incident. Alert the police or any other relevant authority if you need to leave the scene for a reason.

Not Enquiring on Towing Charges

Towing companies often take advantage of drivers involved in accidents and overcharge them especially if they don’t agree on the price before they arrive at the scene. Drivers don’t have an option than to accept any offer given by a towing company once the truck arrives at the scene. As such, it’s crucial to agree on the charges before you give a company the go-ahead to come to the accident scene. In fact, drivers should be keen to avoid the dire consequences of quick decisions.