Practical Tips Air Brake to Stay Grip

Some drivers complain about the air brake system with the slow response. That’s the time it takes air to get through the pipe and force the brake plate to contact the canvas. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the driver must be able to estimate the time if at any time the system does not work.

Air Brake

Air Brake System

Very fatal if the lagging takes long. Pause time is less than one second, not a big problem. The main key to the braking system using air is the air supply in the tube. In addition, the air flow uses pressure energy and converts it into mechanical forces. So if the vacuum less good, the brakes are also less than the maximum. This air supply should always be kept or noticed by the driver.

Tips on Caring for Air Brakes

Some tips for maintaining the brakes to stay grip:

  1. Make sure the minimum pressure for the air system vehicle is not less than 100 psi.
  2. Check the air supply on the air compressor required no more than two minutes for increased air pressure from 85 psi to 100 psi at 600 to 900 rpm. When using the brakes too often, pay attention to the amount of air pressure on the indicator.
  3. Step on the gas pedal, then listen to whether there is an air leak in the pipeline. Hold the brake pedal, and see the air pressure indicator, if there is a drop in pressure means there is a leak.
  4. Check on the air storage tank whether there is water or not, if the truck brake service Tacoma does not use an air dryer, open the drain pipe, drain the water in the tank. If using an air dryer, but there is still air in the tank immediately replace the air dryer cartridge to keep the tank dry. Air on the tank can be relieved on the air brake system.
  5. Brake lining device can overheat if too often rub against the drum, due to short braking breaks. A short braking break does not allow time for the drum or the camp to cool down. When hot brake pads, braking cannot be maximal and tend to slippery. Note also the intensity of braking.