Should You Get Your Car Towed for a Tire Change?

When you need a tire or multiple tires changed, do you need to get your car towed to the mechanic? While this depends on your situation, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. You should never drive an unsafe vehicle before it is repaired, but not all tire changes situations make your car unsafe to drive. Ask yourself these questions about your situation before driving your car to the mechanic.

How Does the Car Feel To Drive?

Sometimes you can tell if your car is safe to drive just by driving it. If you hear strange sounds coming from your tires or brakes, don’t drive the vehicle any further; instead call a tow truck tire change Tucker GA service to come and pick up your car. If you feel your tires pulling your car in an unsafe way, be smart and don’t drive your car.

Do You Have a Spare Tire?

If one of your wheels is flat, check to see if you have a spare tire. This could be a full tire or just a donut spare tire for short-term use. If you can replace your tire with a spare, you should still see a mechanic to get a replacement tire and set it securely, but you should be okay to drive yourself to the shop. If you have a donut spare tire, check to see what mileage and speed the tire is rated for. If your mechanic is outside of the safe distance for the donut to drive, you should call a tow truck.

Is This Routine Maintenance?

In most cases of routine maintenance, it is perfectly safe to drive your car to your mechanic. If you are simply getting your tires rotated or replacing old tires on a maintenance schedule, your car should still be safe to drive in.