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The Need For Cyber Warriors-The Contractor’s Solution To The Need For Cyber Warriors

As we all know, in the cyber world, everything tends to work so fast. Everything in the cyber world is changing constantly right from the technology running through the players and the regulations to the threats and as such for the country to stay indeed safe there is an ever constant need for the qualified personnel to join the service whom we seem unable to source sufficiently.

The countries are ever exposed to cyber attacks for a myriad reasons some of which are mentioned below. The common reason often leading to the proneness to cyber attacks is the fact that a particular country’s systems are not up to the challenge when it comes to cyber defenses. The second reason is the fact that we do not have adequate recruitment of the right cyber warriors. The picture gets even more saddening when you look at the fact that on top of the inadequate recruitment to the force for cyber warriors, we have the existing ones leaving. The impact of this is now extending its feel to the community at large. This problem needs a solution from both the government sector and as well the players from the private contractor community. For us to see our government perform as is required and desired, there is the urgent need for the government to have in its workforce talented IT professionals attracted, recruited and retained in its service.

Our federal governments perform exemplarily well in other areas but fail in cyber security for a number of valid reasons. Get some of these reasons causing the underperformance by most government agencies when we consider them for cyber security.

The approaches to the recruitment and even searching for the cyber experts who can duly protect the cyber networks should be very innovative and one that gets to be a lot agile for the simple reason that these professionals are an asset that is surely in a very high demand. Given the government regulations and rules, their ability to achieve this ideal for the recruitment of the cyber warriors is as such overwhelmed and frustrated at least.

The other reason for this is the slow snail pace of the government recruitment procedures which always is occasioned with a lot of poor turn around rates. This usually estimated to be a process that will take at least an year or more.

These are some of the reasons why the government cyber security agencies are resorting to the contractors for the provision of the necessary pool of employees to help then fill the opportunities and needs for the provision of cyber security at its best.

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