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Why Hire Professionals for Moving Your Piano? If you need to move something, you can easily handle it. If it is a piano that you need to move, it is best to call professional piano movers to do it for you. Don’t try to move the piano yourself since it is impossible for you to do so; you can get hurt in the process and you can damage a lot of things and get your piano scratched and damaged too. Piano repair or replacement is very expensive and you know this all too well if you are a professional musician. Even if you only need to move the piano a few feet or to another place, you will still need at least three professionals and a very sturdy dolly. This is how to do it with an upright piano. Once the piano is on the dolly, two people are needed to wheel it without making the piano totter and tip over. Only professionals are actually able to manage this moving. In this move, the professionals need to carefully balance weight and movement. Professionals are very careful not to hurt or break the piano legs. When professional move the piano on a dolly, it has to be only a short distance and on a flat surface. They don’t use it for moving pianos down floors. Dollies are only used to move to another position or another location on the same level.
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If the piano is a grand piano or if there are corners that need to be negotiated, one cannot use a dolly for moving. This is because a grand piano is large, bulky, and very heavy. To allow safe movement for the grand piano, professional movers can use freight elevators. If this is not possible, a crane is used to hoist the grand piano out of the building, through a window. A lot of workers are needed to do this job so that it can be done safely and the piano can be balanced. It is important to have a communication system so that everyone will know what needs to be done. Sometimes they simply use gestures. You can be sure that your piano will be moved safely because of the teamwork exhibited by these professional piano movers.
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For long and short moves for your piano, it is important to call in the professional piano movers. Professionals have safe methods of moving any kind of piano without the risk of damaging or scratching them. This is important since your piano is one precious instrument that you don’t want to damage.