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You Can Lose Your Hair Due to the Following Reasons

Hair loss is a major factor in some women. Hair loss is a major struggle for women. Losing hair throughout the year can be a very challenging process for women. When you are eating unhealthy diet or you have unhealthy hair routine hair that can result. The are a number of reasons for losing hair.

When you have unhealthy this maybe the first reason for losing your hair. Having unhealthy eating habits is a major cause of hair loss. You have to select foods that are full of vitamins and minerals. Your hair will be stronger if you take foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. You will be able to have a healthy hair and a good scalp when you increase your intake in vitamins and calcium. Your hair will be able to absorb iron when you intake vitamins and calcium. When you intake proteins you will be able to protect yourself from hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by improper hair treatment. Treating your hair with all kinds of chemicals will make your hair weak this is not good for your hair. One treatment that will work for your hair you should find it. Finding the best treatment for your hair can make you to avoid hair loss. You can make your hair strong by using extra virgin coconut oil that will help to grow your hair.

Your hair can be lost due to emotional stress. Emotional trauma can cause you to have hair loss. Stress is a major cause for hair loss. Being stressful can be brought about by so many factors that may affect your emotions.
You should avoid stress for you to have good hair. If you are having a stressful period your hair will not grow, you should avoid stress to help your hair grow. You will have better and stronger hair if you are not stressed.

You can lose your hair when you are sick. If you are unhealthy you will be able to lose your hair. Chronic disease such as diabetes and cancer can result to you losing your hair. When you have a chronic illness you will be under medication that may result to your body attacking its own hair. To avoid hair loss you can take some medications that will help regrow your hair. You will be able to avoid bald patches when you take medication, this is very important.

Hair loss is also experienced by a pregnant women. After delivery pregnant women are prune to hair loss. Women that are pregnant may experience hair loss due to hormonal change. When a woman is pregnant she will likely experience hair loss as a result of hormonal change. Normal hair growth will be experienced after pregnancy. A healthy diet should be taken by women who are pregnant to ensure that they intake a lot of calcium.