Bedliners are the most practical investment for a pick-up truck. These keep the inner-side of the truck safe from damage, corrosion and rust and also keep the cargo from bouncing in the truck on uneven roads.

There are quite a few bedliners available in the market, each one with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Getting the job done by professionals is a costly affair, hence look for the best do it yourself bedliner that saves money.

Listed below are some of the best do it yourself bedliners.

LINEREXTREEME: It is easy-to-use, protective and durable and gives a glossy finish. However, it is very expensive and the spray gun isn’t of a good quality.

AL’S LINER: Comes in colors like black, grey, tan and red. It is very versatile and can be mixed as per individual preferences. It is highly protective and is also reasonably priced. However, the mixture hardens rather fast which can be difficult to handle for beginners.

CUSTOM COAT: Also comes in varied colors and quantities. It is easy-to-use and provides protectiveness and durability. It is slightly expensive, too.

HERCULINER: The least expensive of all, this comes with a brush and two rollers. It offers superb thickness and durability.

U-POL RAPTOR: Is durable, protective, gives perfect finish and is easy to use.


There are a few factors that need to be remembered before beginning the job.  Spray guns can spread the particles of the paint in every direction and this can harm you. Therefore, spraying in the outdoors is the best place to do this job.

Next, protect your eyes using safety glasses to keep the eyes safe. Bedliners contain a lot of chemicals that are harmful for our body. So, wearing a respirator helps keep your lungs safe and helps you breathe in clean air. You will also need ear-protection as the air-compressors can get too loud which could harm your hearing. And, lastly, use protection gloves, or reusable gloves that keep your skin safe from the harmful chemicals.

Preparing the surface for spraying is the next step. Clean the surface with a broom or a brush to get rid of the debris and a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and the dirt, so that you have an even surface.

Then, use chemical removers to clean the oil stains and grease stains, if any, and then thoroughly wash and clean the surface. Do remember to unplug the draining holes so the water flows off easily.  Once washed, dry the surface with a rag.

Next, use a painter’s tape to cover the parts that need to be kept safe from the bedliner spray. Then, use a sand paper to remove the earlier paint and rust and corrosion, if any. Finally, apply a primer on the bare metal area so that it helps the spray bond well with the surface of the truck. Before beginning the spraying, clean the surface with Acetone. This will enhance the bonding between the liner and the surface.


Using the best do it yourself bedliners saves money, are easy to use and give necessary protection to your vehicle. Select the one that is the best!