Three Reasons to Lease a Car

In a world where the need for cars is at an all-time high, the auto industry continues to be driven in providing their consumers the best options for them to get their hands-on quality vehicles. For most people visiting any car dealership, their preconceived thought is that if they were to take home a car, they would probably own the car and pay for it monthly over a certain amount of years. While that option is probably most common, leasing is seemingly becoming a popular option in the industry. So, before you head to your nearest dealership, check out these three reasons leasing a vehicle could be a great alternative.

Choose New. Stay New.

Usually when someone leases a car, it is usually a brand-new car or a recently released edition that has been lightly driven. When a driver leases a car, they are guaranteed keys to a new car at all times. Leasing agreements come with limitations on mileage and amount of years on the leasing agreement, which is wonderful for those whom desire to remain in a newer car. After drivers hit those limits, they are then given the option to choose from another car. For example, one could lease a Lexus brooklyn ny and drive off the lot in a top of the line luxury car. The options are illustrious, and whatever you choose will always have that fresh new car smell. How delightful, right? As long as you lease, you will always have a top-quality vehicle to hit the streets in.


Believe it or not, leasing a car can be cheaper than actually buying a new car. One obvious reason for the dip in price is customers are only leasing a car for a specific amount of time. Buying a new car usually is equipped with a collection of monthly payments for a span of three to seven years. When one leases, they’re contract term is shorter which results in a cheaper price tag. Drivers are also able to get more bang for their buck with leasing given the fact that 75% of luxury cars are leased. Shed off thousands and don’t break the bank as much when you dive into a leasing option.

No Maintenance Fees

It can be a real pain paying maintenance fees in addition to a monthly car note, insurance, and gas. When you lease a car, the manufacturers are responsible for the maintenance on the car since the driver does not own the car. The majority of leasing agreements come with a full warranty coverage for the entire leasing term, so that means whatever happens to the car will indeed be serviced by the dealership or manufacturer. Whether it be a damaged transmission, a need for new tires, or something as simple as an oil change, you won’t have to be the one responsible for it. This comes as a great benefit for leasers, especially since most car owners only have a warranty for a certain amount of time.