Understanding the Importance of Finding an Independent Auto Specialist

Today’s autos are complex and sophisticated machinery. It costs one billion dollars every time the auto manufacturers decide to engineer a new model. Because of the myriad of parts and distinctive problems your late model vehicle may face, it is paramount that you find a reputable pro in your area.

The dealers and general maintenance shops don’t really fix cars these days. They are more interested in doing oil changes and brake jobs. That is their bread and butter. Inspections pay the bills. Maybe they will sell some tires and do some related repairs in relation to this.

Even the big service chains lack the specialty skills needed to repair cutting edge imports like Mercedes, Land Rover, and BMW. The technology in these vehicles makes it impossible for ordinary mechanics (who lack special training and equipment) to even touch them without causing additional problems. For example, there may be a special tool required for something as straightforward as a brake job in a VW. If they use general service tools, this will damage the caliper piston. If you speak with a real German car specialist, they will tell you horror stories of customers with hidden damage to their vehicles from such faulty repairs.

Something as simple as failing to torque the axle bearings to the factory specifications can both mess up your alignment and lead to premature bearing failure. Most of these general maintenance shops use impact tools on everything. They tighten your lug nuts so tightly that it warps the brake rotors. When you start experiencing noise and pulsing a few months later, they will be happy to sell you new rotors. The average consumer does not know the difference between quality labor, and the general labor that seems to get their car back on the road.

A real German specialist who does auto repair Tacoma WA is thinking of your auto as a long-term investment, as their own car. They want to see it last, because they know you have enough problems and do not want to burden their conscience with selling you short. There are many factory specifications that have to be followed when repairing imports. If they are not followed to the letter, your car’s performance, handling, and long-term value suffer. There are certain bolts that have to be replaced with a repair. Many shops have no idea, because they do not have the factory manuals nor the experience in doing factory perfect repairs.

A quality shop will provide you with a limited lifetime warranty on their work, because they themselves feel angry about letting any botched repair walk out the door. They have a reputation to uphold and a certain pride in their work that the nine to five guys down at the chain stores don’t have. Few of these general maintenance shops have the patience to wait for import parts to arrive. The dealerships have so much overhead that they cannot give you the quality you deserve. These are just a few good reasons to only trust your import with an independent auto specialist.