What Is The Most Powerful Dodge Challenger?

Buying a Muscle Car is not something that happens overnight. It’s something you’ve probably thought about for a long time since, like any other similar car, more than a tool for transportation and cargo; it’s a whim coming from your taste for American vehicles and their incredible history.

If you are one step away from making this purchase but have not yet decided, we encourage you to do so with the following reasons to buy a Muscle Car.

Muscle cars have been characterized by performing well for a fraction of the price of their European counterparts.

While in the past, these American cars were famous for their excellent performance in a straight line but the lousy grip on the corners. Over the years, this has been changing; until today, we can find several muscle cars that match or improve the best European cars’ performance dynamics.

Muscle Car is synonymous with large cars with large engines, which can translate into high fuel consumption.

While you can now get a Muscle Car with a 4-cylinder engine that consumes little gasoline, even if that simple fact would possibly remove it from its name, also new technologies make large machines not spend as much fuel.

Whether forced induction by a supercharger or a turbo, or deactivating cylinders, or even transmission, all of these systems will help your Muscle Car spend less fuel.

You may want a Muscle Car, but you have a family, which means that they will not fit everyone in the car as this type of car usually has two seats and little space. Luckily Dodge has the vehicle for you, the dodge challenger. Besides having the length of a large sedan, you can choose it with engines that have 292 horsepower, 370 horsepower, 485 horsepower, or up to 707 hp in the impressive Hellcat version.

When Dodge launched the dodge challenger Demon, he promised he would never make a car again with these capabilities. So far, they have remained true to his words. However, we recently showed us the dodge challenger SRT Super Stock, a new variant that surpasses the Hellcat Redeye performance and is just a few steps from opening the gates of hell.

The Dodge managers decided to develop this car to keep the spirit of Demon alive, and that’s why they equipped it with the well-known 6.2 L HEMI supercharged V8 engine, which thanks to a twist of the nut raised its power to 807 horsepower (10 more than the Redeye) and at the same time gained some performance.

For example, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.25 seconds and completes the ¼ mile in 10.5 seconds at a speed of 211 km/h. Unlike the dodge challenger Hellcat Redeye, it is limited to 270 km / h, but this happens because it focuses on drag racing, using different tires.

In this case, some of the changes are in the suspension, where it mounts a Bilstein system, configured to send most of the weight to the rear axle, and thus improve the stability in starting with the accelerator thoroughly. The wheels are the main differentiator with other models in the range, as they are lightweight and look a low-gloss granite finish.