Window Tint Type and Specifications

You must already know the main function of window tint on the car. True, its function is to hold back the blinding sunshine. But other than that people put a window just for the beauty factor. To just make the sweet appearance of his car.

Back to the main function of the sun repellent. Sometimes when driving we feel still hot when it has turned on the cooler. It could be the effect of a poor window tint. Or maybe it’s inappropriate to use. Why is that?

Maybe among you are still many who do not know the type and specification window tint. Let’s look at some of the following types and specifications of the window tint.

Level / Intensity of Darkness (Darkness)

Levels of translucent thickness are usually measured by percentage. Usually, for windshields, the car should not exceed 40%. Because if more than that is very dangerous for the safety of driving.

UVR (Ultra Violet Rejected)

The amount of ultraviolet light that can be rejected by the window film. The higher the number the better the quality.

TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejected)

The total percentage of solar energy as a whole can be rejected by window film. The greater the number the better the quality.

IRR (Infra Red Rejected)

The number of infrared rays that can be rejected by the film’s glass. The numbers are directly proportional to the quality.

VLT (Visible Light Transmittance)

The percentage of the amount of sunlight that penetrates into the car’s cab. The smaller the number means the less light entering the car.

Several specifications above you can choose according to your taste and needs.

In addition, as for the types of window tint based on its functions are:

Safety / Security Window Tint

Usually for the security needs of the room or cabin that has a valuable asset. For example, cars carrying money and other valuables. The intensity of darkness is usually very high can reach 90%. So people from outside the room or cabin cannot see inside.

Decorative Window Tint

This type is for the sake of decoration or art such as a glass engraving. Various interesting motifs can be made to beautify the appearance of a car glass.

Solar Control

This is the type that people often use for cars. With the latest technology that can absorb heat and reflect ultraviolet light. So the air in the room will remain cool and the vision did not glare.

That was the type and specification of window tint. If you need more information you can visit Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida and Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida.