Your Next Car Should Be a Lexus GS 350!

The production of luxury vehicles has been around almost since the invention of automobiles. They come as top-of-the-line vehicles because it has something regular vehicles do not. Because there was always a demand from the consumer for something bigger and better, luxury vehicles are here to make us feel like we’re rich and wealthy regardless of our financial status. Although they normally come with a premium price tag, you almost feel like you’re floating on the air when you’re in them. Lexus is the luxury vehicle that is a part of the Toyota family and it has been growing ever since it was established. Its GS 350 model is a beautiful sporty 4 door sedan, but it has everything a luxury vehicle could offer any consumer, but better!

Lexus is a Japanese made luxury vehicle established in 1989 under Toyota’s marque. It started as a challenge from chairman Eiji Toyoda to build the world best car. In 1985, a focus group rented a home in California to study upper-class Americans to really get a feel of how to market the first Lexus car, the LS 400. When Japanese government announced a voluntary export restraint for United States market, there was a rush among other car companies to produce more expensive cars in the States. The first advertisements for Lexus occurred in major cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The GS model was launched in the 1990s and was the first to establish a certified pre-owned program the same year.

Having a used vehicle is sometimes looked down upon. But with the established pre-owned program Lexus has, it’s hard not to make a sound purchase! It won’t only save you money but test driving it for years, adding miles and getting it serviced regularly has already been done for you. These are wonderful benefits to save you time and energy! Because of the International Car Shows and amount of traffic produced, a used Lexus GS 350 New York NY is the perfect option for people living in the area. A comprehensive 161-point inspection is done to ensure you leave with a quality vehicle with the luxury you desire. You will also have a warranty, complimentary maintenance, roadside assistance and much more.

This beautiful GS 350 is a V6 sedan that offers technology and performance, along with luxury. It is a mid-sized vehicle that has 306 horsepower and 277-pound feet of torque. Previously produced between 2007-2011, the current generation started in 2013 but lacked some of the features as before. It’s surround sound is perfect for long drives and the rear mirror camera helps those who need assistance when in reverse. Lexus has always been known for its quality interior and construction, this GS 350 lives up to that standard as well. There will be no disappointments by anyone making the leap to purchase this amazing car. The luxury you expect will keep you smiling as you drive off the dealership lot!