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F1 and its Prohibited Technologies

Formula1 (F1) modern car capable of racing 100 kph from the rest about 1.7 seconds. One exceptional ability that any kind of sports car has not been able to match it.


Apparently, not all the technology on the F1 car is the most sophisticated in the automotive world. Some systems and components of the F1 car just less advanced than ordinary cars on the streets. Why is that?

The answer is regulation. The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) as the “umpire” for the F1 race diligently makes the regulation to limit the speed of the F1 car. In addition to the safety of racer, speed limits are also related to non-technical reasons. Examples of making the race more interesting to watch.

Given the history, FIA regulatory changes are done almost every year. The move was implemented because the technological progress was far more rapid than the restrictions imposed. Here are some innovative technologies ever used by the F1 car but then “forbidden”.

turbine Gas Technology F1

The gas turbine is used as a drive to replace Torak fuel motor. As one of the oldest types of movers, combustion engines have many disadvantages. Especially compared to gas turbines are more recently found. Gas turbines produce higher power with lighter weight. It can be said that gas turbines have the better power-to-weight ratio.

Another plus is the very fast rotation, up to 60,000 rpm. Compare with the modern F1 engine that is “only” capable of turning around 20,000 rpm (and this season is limited by the FIA to a maximum of 15,000 rpm only). Gas turbine classified as minimal vibration because there is no component that moves translation (back and forth) as well as motor fuel.

Generally, the age of gas turbine is longer than motor fuel. The FIA banned the use of this turbine after Team Lotus piloted the T56B which adopted the Pratt & Whitney gas turbine in 1971.

This FIA ban is actually “redundant” because Team Lotus proves that the use of gas turbines as the driving force of this car is actually not suitable for F1. Weaknesses that are felt by others is the gas turbine slow response to changes in gas openings from the foot of racer. As a result difficult to eat chicane and the absence of engine-brake effect is needed F1 car.


Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is a gearbox replacement device that allows the engine to operate on a narrow band-RPM. The effect of maximum torque can be maintained. Williams is the team that first tried to develop this technology since the late 1970s.

It was even tested on a Renault-powered FW-15 in 1993. But the move was finally limited to testing because in late 1993 the FIA banned its use for the race.


The use of the fan (fan) behind the car to generate extra-downforce is also prohibited FIA. This tool was used by the Brabham team and Niki Lauda made him win the Swedish Grand Prix in 1978.

Side skirts

Side skirts or sliding skirts are shaped-like devices – skirts and mounted on the left and right sides of the lower car body. This tool is used to prevent wind flow under the car flowing to the side so that the ground-effect of under the car can be maximized.

In 1980 the FIA banned the side skirts by limiting ground clearance to a minimum of 6 cm. As a result side skirts cannot be used again because the distance between the component with the asphalt cannot be maintained. Moreover, the suspension movement that causes the car body to move up and down.

Nevertheless, F1 engineers did not stop improvising. In 1988, the T88 car from Team Lotus introduced a twin-chassis or dual chassis design. The first chassis has a very hard suspension on the wheels. While the second chassis has a softer suspension of the first chassis.

The first chassis has a very hard suspension of the wheel, so its distance to the asphalt can be maintained. Start strategy by making the first chassis similar to the plate that surrounds the second chassis, then the first chassis can serve as “side skirts” without breaking the minimum 6-cm ground-clearance rule. However, this twin-chassis was finally banned FIA.

Shock absorbers

The active suspension is a “magical device” that helped Williams dominate the 1992 racing season with Nigel Mansell and his FW14B. The active suspension makes the shock absorber capable of adjusting the dampness to suit the road conditions. In effect, all four tires will always have maximum traction despite being on a bumpy track and many slow turns. This device was banned by the FIA in the 1993 season.…

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New BMW 7-Series Feature Very Sophisticated

The new BMW 7 Series is a car with the feature that can run without a driver (autonomous). Similarly, the control of the car multimedia system is only through the movement of the hand. Yes, the latest BMW 7-Series technology is very sophisticated.


A car capable of running without a driver may still be in delusion. Even if there is only limited research. Similarly, the control of the multimedia system of the car through the movement of the hand. But not in the latest BMW 7-Series. A number of future technologies you can now enjoy in a mass production car. The following advanced features owned by the BMW 7 Series.

BMW 7 Series Remote Control Parking

This technology lets you park the latest BMW 7 Series in a narrow space without you having to drive from behind the wheel. Through a key that serves as a remote control, you can push the car back about 5 meters without you driving at all. Just press the button and touch the tiny display on the key, you can turn on the engine, run the car and then turn off the engine from outside the car. The car will brake itself by detecting when there is an object in front or behind it is approaching.

This function is very useful when parking in a narrow place, where the car door cannot be accessed in and out of the driver. You just park the car along the narrow parking lot and then exit the car to drive the car remotely through the key. “The sensors around the car will automatically detect when the car will stop,” said Marcus Behrendt, BMW AG’s Head of User Experience.

Such advances in technology in mass production cars to make BMW socialize first to the regulator in Europe about this device. Understandably, there is no single mass production car that uses this device.

According to Marcus, regulators are very concerned about safety when the car can walk alone without a driver in it. “Create current (August 2015) is the process for licensing in Europe. In the next 1-2 months will come out and can be sold to consumers. BMW will also work with regulators or governments in other countries about permission to use this device, “added Marcus.

Although Remote Control Parking works through radio waves Marcus believes the frequency is safe and will not be affected by other wave signals.


The main light of the BMW 7 Series is now equipped with the most advanced LED technology. They claim the range of rays 2 times farther than conventional lighting technology today. If once only 300 meters, Laser Light can reach up to 600 meters. Do not worry about driving the driver’s glare from the opposite direction because the light will automatically decrease the direction of the light rays when passing by another car at night.

Carbon Core

Although not the first car to wear carbon fiber woven body, Series-7 pioneer marries it with metal. BMW named it Carbon Core for this design in the latest body-7 Series.

There are 14 parts that use this lightweight and strong fiber materials, such as the roof pillar structure, elements in the pillars of B and C and the inner body side skirts. Thanks to Carbon Core, the car’s weight can be reduced to 130 kg compared to the previous version of the 7-Series.

This weight reduction is not only able to reduce fuel consumption but also add to the driving comfort. This is thanks to an evener distribution of weight and lower gravity point.

This exotic material can be repaired in case of collision damage. Suppose that an accident requires repair. “No need to be replaced carbon elements intact. Simply cut the damaged parts and make repairs only in that section. All BMW authorized workshops are able to handle it. So no need to worry, “sure Andreas Holzinger, Project Manager Lightweight and Body BMW 7 Series.

Gesture Control

Forget touching a knob or even a touchscreen monitor to operate the multimedia features of the BMW 7 Series. Now only through hand gestures, you can control without having to touch any device in the car. There are 6 hand movements that have been set BMW. Each movement has its own function to control the multimedia functions on the monitor screen in the center of the dashboard.

For example, the index finger moves towards the monitor for the function of receiving a phone call. Hand gestures such as slaps serve to resist, For example, the index finger moves toward the monitor for the function of receiving a phone call. Hand gestures like slaps serve to resist.

This can be done thanks to sensors that detect hand movements. The position of the hand must be in front of the central dash monitor or area …

Aachen Colloquium Automobile And Engine Expertise

With the transition from New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) to WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light Duty Vehicle Take a look at Process) an extra change is the pollutant emission testing below real conditions. Our holistic interplay concept: For a dialogue without phrases between driver and automobile. But in a bid to move some their merchandise many automotive sellers are prepared to go all the best way and provide in-home financing at zero interest rates. Pengetahuan yang mendalam tentang mobil dan sepeda motor masyarakat Eropa di mana saja.\n\nGunakan aplikasi bebas dengan cepat dan mudah mencari kendaraan, atau menawarkan mobil Anda untuk dijual langsung melalui aplikasi gratis. You can use it to calculate your motorized vehicle tax for CO2 emissions. Many second automobile dealers will look after it for you.\n\nAplikasi ini juga memberitahu Anda berapa banyak pembeli potensial telah dilihat dan memarkir kendaraan Anda. For the issuing of the Follow-up Carnet we need a brand new utility type in addition to the same documents of the primary utility. The BMW plant in Berlin has repeatedly set information with sales of its motorcycles.\n\nTempat kendaraan yang Anda minati parkir mobil Anda dan mengaksesnya kapan pun Anda inginkan – apakah Anda sedang di perjalanan atau di rumah pada LAPTOP Anda. If not, the deposit can be transferred to the Follow-up Carnet. The event is focusing on students and explains in fascinating displays different aspects within the trendy working surroundings of the automotive industry.\n\nFrom Asia to the Americas, German vehicles embody extremely cherished values of innovation, reliability, safety, and design. The actual and the digital world harmoniously feed into one another at Borgward. Our mechatronic programs for doors, seats or electric motors and drives may be found in every second new car around the world as we speak.…

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Government Auctions Useful resource Middle

Auto Public sale of Baltimore is The #1 Selection of Public Auto Auctions. I would be very keen on getting some suggestions from you on what you’ve skilled and any ideas concerning the legal responsibility concerned in posting feedback and really naming the seller or purchaser on my third get together web site. BSCAmerica Auctions provide public, non-supplier buyers several opportunities to participate within the auction process.\n\nI’ve been promoting on ebay for years and it is getting worse and worse. Notice: Transport time may generally exceed time shown for chosen service sort, depending on the space between vendor and purchaser. There are two methods to participate in the Virtual Sale, the reside, on-line auction most vehicles promote in. You possibly can submit a maximum bid and the Bid4U function automatically bids up to your most.\n\nDwelling Inspectors needed for distressed Property, become profitable on distressed and foreclosure abandoned homes in your space. So in a manner, he’s paying full value for the playing cards with mainly free delivery, and since these are English playing cards, they may even be price more in Spain than they are right here.\n\nAverage time on market: 28 days Certified Pre-Owned: No Transmission: Automatic Colour: Other Description: Used 2007 GMC Envoy SLE-1 four Dr SUV FOUR WHEEL DRIVE on the market – $1,900, 141,153 miles with Tow Bundle. In addition to expanding markets geographically, our online database permits pre-sale automobile searches that match buyers and sellers exactly, driving even greater dealer public sale success.\n\nI sent a well mannered observe asking when it could be dispatched after 2 days, no reply from the seller. Please observe that this item just isn’t an automobile, so our commonplace automobile purchaser fees may not apply to the purchase of this merchandise. Review loss claim reports, dangerous handle, property situation and data associated to broken properties.

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VDM Vehicles ist ein internationales, unabhängiges Automobilunternehmen, das die exklusivsten Luxus- und Sportwagen der Welt sowie Investment Automobiles anbietet. Our holistic interplay idea: For a dialogue without phrases between driver and vehicle. However in a bid to maneuver some their merchandise many automobile sellers are ready to go all the way and supply in-house financing at zero rates of interest. Pengetahuan yang mendalam tentang mobil dan sepeda motor masyarakat Eropa di mana saja.\n\nAfter all, we checked all exterior websites that we link to on this web site before linking them and found no violation of the legislation at that moment. Due to a huge collection of automobile makes and fashions, your GLOBAL Rent-a-Car rental will all the time offer you precisely what you’re in search of.\n\nThe European Commission has decreed that the forging of the only market means it’s the right of an each EU citizen to buy items and companies in anywhere within the EU. This also goes for vehicles. Mit einem ständig wachsenden Kundenkreis, entwickelt sich die Meleghy Worldwide zu einer umfassenden und vertrauensvollen Full-Service Unternehmensgruppe in der Automobilzulieferer Branche.\n\nI consider that working together with the Weissach group will strengthen the RUF brand in Canada,” says Estonia Ruf, CEO of RUF Automobiles. As an unique service of our occasion, we offer all members a shuttle service with autos from totally different producers and lessons in entrance of the Eurogress.\n\nCompletely different national tax rates mean that new cars will be imported into different EU markets and bought at typically significantly lower prices. Please apply for the extension four – 6 weeks earlier than the expiry at ADAC and the overseas automobile membership.…

Used Automobiles Dealer Bellevue WA Close to Seattle WA

Our automobiles are the cleanest, prime quality vehicles in the area set at the lowest prices, with no gimmicks. We’ve financing accessible as low as 1.9% and we work with all major collectors that can assist you discover a high quality automobile on the proper worth. Our speciality is offering high quality budget priced used vehicles starting from $3000 – $25,000. Search the in depth stock of all the Wholesale Auto Plaza Inc.\n\nIt goes beyond being the perfect Pompano Beach Used Vehicles lot, we’re one of the few FL Used Cars dealerships that may offer the sort of selections that you really want. Take a second to browse the online gallery of Used Vehicles, Pickup Truckss currently on our lot.\n\nWholesale Car Outlet Sales Kansas City Used Automobiles Lot MO 64136. Our aggressive pricing and spectacular choice assist us guarantee we will discover the proper car to fit the wants of all of our customers. Visit our Meet the Employees page to familiarize yourself with our team who’s committed to making your go to to Wholesale Outlet Automotive Group an ideal expertise every time.\n\nLOCATION – Conveniently positioned at Unit 5/3-12 Veness Crt, Garbutt……City and Country Wholesale Vehicles is easily accessed from all parts of Townsville. At Lifetime Wholesale Pompano Seaside Used Cars, we strive to promote more Used Cars inventory to individuals in Boca Raton, Dania, Deerfield Seashore, Delray Seaside, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Seaside.\n\nSpecifically, we all the time have numerous used 4WDs and performance autos in stock. We have now helped customers from Ethridge, Lawrenceburg, Leoma, Loretto, Summertown, Westpoint with their Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks needs and we sit up for serving to you too.…

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Amidst the automotive region Stuttgart, surrounded by the historic charm of a former airport website, you may find the unique V8 HOTEL. Place automobiles that interest you in your automobile park and entry them whenever you want – whether or not you’re on the go or at dwelling on your PC. Every ad exhibits the automobile information, pictures and features so you may decide it at a look.\n\nFrom a compact automotive to a luxurious limousine: SAS designs and builds excessive-high quality, fashionable cockpits. Cari, menyewa dan membeli real estate atau properti di Jerman dengan aplikasi Immo Pramuka. In the meantime, VW subsidiary Audi on Friday recalled as much as 850,000 Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche cars fitted with its diesel engines for the same software update.\n\nAn outline of the current motorcar tax rates with their respective emission-related code numbers is shown beneath. We are able to provide autos in inventory of all German premium manufacturers, most popular Mercedes-Benz, for supply and choose up inside 10 enterprise days.\n\nThe corporate has since turn out to be the final word driver’s automobile proving that sports cars do not necessarily have to be without compromise. If your Carnet de Passages is going to run out or is running out of pages and you wish to proceed your journey, you’ll need a Comply with-up Carnet.\n\nInsurance coverage charges range and rely on quite a few factors; you may want to test one of the many insurance coverage websites that calculate the insurance coverage price. Herausragendsten Materialien mit modernsten Fertingungs-methoden. DaimlerChrysler reinforced its presence in Berlin with this automotive showroom, which opened in 2004.…

New & Used Convertible Costs & Values

It is thought-about as British as roast dinners and queuing, but our fondness for talking about the (often unhealthy) weather is made much more amusing when you think about that the UK is definitely considered one of world’s largest markets for convertible vehicles. The MINI Convertible is the one choice for sun seekers. Audi connect® CARE help and security companies four Audi join CARE. It could assist bring your automotive to a cease after a collision, helping scale back the possibility of any further impacts. Consolation awaits within the new MINI Convertible – even within the again.\n\nUse the simple buttons or simply write a few letters with your finger on the touchpad to faucet into the ability of the MINI Connected XL system. As fast as it is efficient, the MINI Cooper D Convertible encompasses a diesel engine that simply sips on its fuel – reaching an impressive 74.3-70.6 MPG.\n\nHigh Gloss Chequered Carbon Fibre to Door and Rear Quarter Inserts. The elective MINI Connected pack links you up to social feeds, online music, driving info, in-car apps and rather more. It’s filled with intelligent touches and features like the Forward Collision Warning system, which helps prevent accidents by alerting you if the speed difference between your MINI and the site visitors ahead is too high.\n\nTermed as a ‘Targa’ top by Porsche , these sort of convertibles function efficiency virtually equivalent to a set-roof car. It should additionally brake the within rear wheel on turning to improve the automobile’s agility. Keep informed about information, particular presents, services and products from or on behalf of MINI Canada†.\n\nThe MINI Convertible’s Driving Modes can help you customize drive response on the turn of a dial. Why Edmunds Recommends the 2017 Ford Mustang: The Ford Mustang is very common as a rental automotive, one thing apparent within the chintzy interior of Mustangs from the not-too-distant past.…

What Are The Best Low-cost Cars To Purchase?

Whereas we’d all wish to be ready to buy an expensive car, sometimes (well, more often than not) it’s just not practical, and for many of us, round £10,000 is all now we have to spend on a brand new car. If you wish to pay for skylights, marble flooring, a not so small military of underpaid workers, and at the very least one bogus payment that is named after the proprietor’s dog, purchase your next not-so-low cost used automobile at a new automobile dealership.\n\nDiscover low-cost automobile leases with some of the lowest prices guaranteed on Travelocity. You want to purchase from somebody you possibly can belief and also you additionally must be lifelike. The top spec, V2 #LIKE Edition, can also be fitted with touchscreen navigation with MP3, CD, USB, Bluetooth and Aux connectivity.\n\nWith unpopular cars getting a far larger low cost than a preferred late mannequin automobile. Untuk hampir semua perusahaan persewaan mobil, syarat usia adalah antara 21 dan 70 tahun. A fast Web seek for used vehicles” or purchase used automobiles,” carried out utilizing your favourite search engine, will turn up numerous websites that specialize in the commerce of used automobiles.\n\nAdditionally they have low insurance coverage groups, are gasoline-environment friendly (45-plus mpg), good to drive and have a four-star Euro NCAP crash score or larger. Average time on market: 22 days Certified Pre-Owned: No Transmission: four-Speed Automatic Shade: Crystal Black Silica Description: Used 2008 Subaru Outback for sale – $three,900, 132,021 miles with Alloy Wheels.\n\nThese places sometimes don’t finance their own autos. Worth is inside 10% of the estimated market worth for similarly classed automobiles. Anda juga dapat membuat komentar pribadi atau meninggalkan ulasan pada kendaraan terdaftar untuk dijual. It is powered by a 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engine that’s mated to a five-velocity handbook transmission with entrance wheel drive.…